Endpoint is used to export your visits from Repsly. System limit is 50 rows.

More Info

In every response you will receive meta variable LastTimeStamp of the last changed record in the list. Save it for future requests so you can use it as a parameter {lastTimeStamp} for every subsequent request until the response meta variable TotalCount is equal to 0, which means you have received all updates.

To get the complete list of visits, start your request with parameter {lastTimeStamp} = 0.

Response definition

MetaCollectionResult\TotalCountIntegerTotal count of client visits
MetaCollectionResult\LastTimeStampLongTimestamp of the latest visit in the list (should be used on next request)
VisitIDIntegerUnique visit ID
TimeStampLongVisit timestamp
DateDatetimeDate of visit, example: /Date(1577664000000+0000)/
RepresentativeCodeString (20)Unique representative code (visit author)
RepresentativeNameString (80)Representative name (visit author)
ExplicitCheckInBooleanMarks an explicit check-in at client(Representative has clicked a button in themobile app)
DateAndTimeStartDatetimeDate and time of visit start
DateAndTimeEndDatetimeDate and time of visit end
ClientCodeString (50)Unique client code
ClientNameString (255)Client name
StreetAddressString (255)Client street address
ZIPString (20)Client ZIP code
ZIPExtString (20)Client ZIP extension
CityString (255)Client city
StateString (255)Client state
CountryString (255)Client country
TerritoryString (80)Territory name this client belongs to
LatitudeStartLongLatitude at visit start
LongitudeStartLongLongitude at visit start
LatitudeEndLongLatitude at visit end
LongitudeEndLongLongitude at visit end
PrecisionStartIntegerPrecision at visit start
PrecisionEndIntegerPrecision at visit end
VisitStatusByScheduleIntegerStatus of current visit
1 - Scheduled
2 - Unscheduled
VisitEndedBooleanIs true if the visit has been completed by the representative.