Endpoint is used to import packages from your system into Repsly.

Request definition

Required keys are marked with a red triangle 🔺

Code​ 🔺StringPackage code
Name 🔺StringPackage name
Size 🔺DoublePackage size
ActiveBooleanIf package is active or inactive (Default is true)

Response definition

CodeIntegerError identifier (0 = no errors)
MessageString (255)Response affirmative or error message

For a successful HTTP request (code 200), you will always receive a status response with Code equal to 0 (no error) and Message = “Package import job started asynchronously under ID: {ImportJobID}”, where {ImportJobID} is the key you can use to check the current status of the import. To check the status of the import job you can use **​Import job status​** endpoint.

In case of a HTTP bad request (code 400), you will also receive a status response with Code not equal to 0 and an error message.