Endpoint is used to export your basic document types’ data from Repsly. This serves with the document status update capability as a document’s status can only be updated with a valid status (from the corresponding document type).

More Info

In every response you will receive meta variables FirstID and LastID. Save LastID for future requests so you can use it as a parameter {lastDocumentID} for every subsequent request until the response meta variable TotalCount is equal to 0, which means you have received all updates.

To get the complete list of purchase orders, start your request with parameter {lastDocumentID} = 0.

Response definition

DocumentTypeIDIntegerUnique ID of the document type
DocumentTypeNameStringDocument type name
StatusesArray(DocumentStatus)List of document type statuses (described below)
PricelistsArray(DocumentTypePricelist)List of pricelists available for this document type


DocumentStatusIDIntegerUnique ID of the document status
DocumentStatusNameStringDocument status name


PricelistIDIntegerUnique ID of the pricelist
PricelistNameStringPricelist name