Endpoint is used to export your clients from Repsly. System limit is 50 rows.

More Info

In every response you will receive meta variable LastTimeStamp of the last changed record in the list. Save it for future requests so you can use it as a parameter {lastTimeStamp} for every subsequent request until the response meta variable TotalCount is equal to 0, which means you have received all updates.

To get the complete list of clients, start your request with parameter {lastTimeStamp} = 0.

Any planned changes to existing endpoints are marked with an orange diamond 🔸.

Response definition

MetaCollectionResult\TotalCountIntegerTotal count of clients
MetaCollectionResult\LastTimeStampLongTimestamp of the latest client in the list
ClientIDIntegerUnique client ID
TimeStampLongClient timestamp
CodeString (50)Unique client code
NameString (255)Client name
ActiveBooleanMarks a client active or inactive
TagStringTags associated with this client (separated with commas)
TerritoryEach territory in hierarchy:
String (80)
The full territory hierarchy that this client is assigned to.The delimiter between territory levels is “​>​”(meaning that a territory in a two-level hierarchy is given as“​ParentTerritory>ChildTerritory​”)
RepresentativeCodeString (20)Unique representative code (assigned to thisclient)
RepresentativeNameString (80)Representative name (assigned to this client)
StreetAddressString (255)Client street address
ZIPString (20)Client ZIP code
ZIPExtString (20)Client ZIP extension
CityString (255)Client city
StateString (255)Client state
CountryString (255)Client country
EmailString (255)Client email address
PhoneString (128)Client phone number
MobileString (128)Client mobile phone number
WebsiteString (255)Client website
ContactNameString (255)Contact person name
ContactTitleString (50)Contact person title
NoteString (255)Additional client note
StatusTextClient status name in sales cycle
CustomFields\Item\FieldString (255)Custom field name
CustomFields\Item\ValueTextCustom field value
PriceLists\NameTextList of price list names connected to this client
AccountCodeTextCode of the account assigned to this client.