Endpoint is used to export your representatives from Repsly.
This endpoint always returns full list of all representatives.

Response definition

CodeString (20)Unique representative code
NameString (80)Representative name
NoteString (255)Additional note about representative
UserIDString (50)Mobile credentials - username
PasswordString (50)Mobile credentials - password (plain text)
EmailString (256)Representative’s email address
PhoneString (128)Representative’s phone number
MobileString (128)Representative’s mobile phone number
TerritoriesArray(String)The array of strings of territory paths that representative is associated with.
Territory path is representation of hierarchical territory position as territory names separated by “/”.

Ex. “Territory 1/Territory 1.1/Territory 1.1.1”
ActiveBooleanActive representative
AttributesArray(Attribute)List of attributes with values and types specified for that company.


TitleStringName of the attribute (defined by the back office user).
TypeStringType of the attribute. Can be one of the following values:
TextShort, TextLong, Numeric, Boolean, Select and MultipleSelect
ValueStringThe value set for that user. If the value is null than the value is not set.