Endpoint is used to export your purchase orders from Repsly. System limit is 50 rows.

More Info

In every response you will receive meta variables FirstID and LastID. Save LastID for future requests so you can use it as a parameter {lastDocumentID} for every subsequent request until the response meta variable TotalCount is equal to 0, which means you have received all updates.

To get the complete list of purchase orders, start your request with parameter {lastDocumentID} = 0.

Response definition

MetaCollectionResult\TotalCountIntegerTotal count of purchase orders
MetaCollectionResult\FirstIDIntegerUnique ID of the first item in the list
MetaCollectionResult\LastIDIntegerUnique ID of the last item in the list
PurchaseOrderIDIntegerUnique purchase order ID
TransactionTypeString (50)Transaction type
DocumentTypeIDIntegerDocument type id
DocumentTypeNameString (100)Document type name by custom definition
DocumentStatusString (100)Document status name by custom definition
DocumentStatusIDNullable<Integer>Document status ID, null means status is not set
DocumentItemAttributeCaptionStringDescribes caption name of document type attributes (group name)
DateAndTimeDatetimeDate and time of creation of this purchase order
DocumentNoString (50)Document number
ClientCodeString (50)Unique client code
ClientNameString (255)Client name
DocumentDateDatetimeDate of this purchase order
DueDateDatetimeDue date of this purchase order
RepresentativeCodeString (20)Unique representative code (author of this purchase order)
RepresentativeNameString (80)Representative name (author of this purchase order)
Item\LineNoIntegerPosition of an item
Item\ProductCodeString (20)Unique product code
Item\ProductNameString (80)Product name
Item\UnitAmountDecimal (18, 4)Item unit amount
Item\UnitPriceDecimal (18, 4)Item unit price
Item\PackageTypeCodeString(45)Packaging type code
Item\PackageTypeNameString(40)Packaging type
Item\PackageTypeConversionIntegerPackaging type conversion
Item\QuantityIntegerItem quantity
Item\AmountDecimal (18, 4)Item amount
Item\DiscountAmountDecimal (18, 4)Discount amount
Item\DiscountPercentDecimal (18, 4)Discount percent
Item\TaxAmountDecimal (18, 4)Tax amount
Item\TaxPercentDecimal (18, 4)Tax percent
Item\TotalAmountDecimal (18, 4)Total amount
Item\NoteString (255)Item note
Item\DocumentItemAttributeNameString(100)Item custom attribute name - used for tagging items with specific custom define dattributes (eg. reason of return)
Item\DocumentItemAttributeIDNullable<Integer>Item custom attribute ID, null means no attribute is set to document
SignatureURLString (512)Signature image URL
NoteString (255)Note on the purchase order
TaxableBooleanMarks if this purchase order is taxable
VisitIDIntegerUnique Visit ID
StreetAddressString (255)Client street address
ZIPString (20)Client ZIP code
ZIPExtString (20)Client ZIP extension
CityString (255)Client city
StateString (255)Client state
CountryString (255)Client country
CountryCodeString (20)Client country code
DocumentCustomAttributes\CustomAttributeInfoIDGUIDCustom attribute unique identifier
DocumentCustomAttributes\TitleString (max)Custom attribute question title
DocumentCustomAttributes\TypeString (50)Type can be one of the following:
Text, textarea, select, decimal, date, barcode, photo
DocumentCustomAttributes\ValueString (max)Custom attribute question answer.
For type photo this value contains GUID for photo filename on S3.

By presigning this value you can access it via publicly available link.repsly.s3.amazonaws.com + value + .jpg
OriginalDocumentNumberString (max)The number of the purchase order that is cancelled by this document