Endpoint is used to export your retail audits from Repsly. System limit is 50 rows.

More Info

In every response you will receive meta variables FirstID and LastID. Save LastID for future requests so you can use it as a parameter {lastRetailAuditID} for every subsequent request until the response meta variable TotalCount is equal to 0, which means you have received all updates.

To get the complete list of retail audits, start your request with parameter {lastRetailAuditID} = 0.

Response definition

MetaCollectionResult\TotalCountIntegerTotal count of retail audits
MetaCollectionResult\FirstIDIntegerUnique ID of the first item in the list
MetaCollectionResult\LastIDIntegerUnique ID of the last item in the list
RetailAuditIDIntegerUnique retail audit ID
RetailAuditNameString (50)Name of the retail audit
CancelledBooleanRetail audit is cancelled (Representative has cancelled it via mobile app)
ClientCodeString (50)Unique client code
ClientNameString (255)Client name
DateAndTimeDatetimeDate and time of creation of this retail audit
RepresentativeCodeString (20)Unique representative code (retail audit author)
RepresentativeNameString (80)Representative name (retail audit author)
Item\ProductGroupCodeString (20)Item unique product group code
Item\ProductGroupNameString (80)Item product group name
Item\ProductCodeString (20)Item unique product code
Item\ProductNameString (80)Item product name
Item\PresentBooleanItem is present
Item\PriceDecimal (18, 4)Item price
Item\PromotionBooleanItem is promoted
Item\ShelfShareDecimal (18, 4)Item shelf share
Item\ShelfSharePercentDecimal (18, 4)Item shelf share percent
Item\SoldOutBooleanItem is sold out
Item\StockIntegerItem stock
CustomFields\ExtraInfoItem\FieldString (255)Custom field name
CustomFields\ExtraInfoItem\ValueString (255)Custom field value
NoteString (255)Note on the retail audit
VisitIDIntegerUnique Visit ID