Repsly's APIs enable connectivity between Repsly and our users' other systems, allowing Repsly to work hand in hand with those systems and seamlessly integrate into our users' business processes.

Repsly's APIs enable integration with both on-premises applications and cloud-based systems.

Connectivity to other Systems

Repsly's APIs enable you to do many important integration processes, such as:

  • Import and Export client records between Repsly and another system
  • Import product records into Repsly
  • Export data from Repsly
  • Purchase orders
  • Forms
  • Photos
  • Client visits and notes
  • Workday start and stop records

The data exchange rhythm is set according to your needs, typically to once in an hour or every 15 minutes. This is completely under your control and you select what’s most appropriate for your situation.

The API is most suitable for ERP/CRM integration as it’s designed to move clients and products from ERP/CRM to Repsly and clients, products, forms and other documents into ERP/CRM. With this data exchange there are no more frontiers and disconnected work. Data is maintained in the back-office and propagated to mobile workers, and work results automatically enter ERP/CRM, so two systems act as one.


Import is designed so that you can insert or update entities one by one.
Batch import is not supported. Any import into Repsly works in a way that you POST data, and Repsly decides whether to insert or update it.


Export of entities returns a maximum of 50 records.
Every response contains metadata with additional info about fetched records.


Please note

Keys that determine which records to update or insert are marked with a blue diamond 🔹, while the required keys are marked with a red triangle 🔺.

Any planned changes to existing endpoints are marked with an orange diamond 🔸.