Endpoint is used to export products from Repsly database.

More Info

To get the complete list of forms, start your request with parameter {lastProductID} = 0.

Response definition

MetaCollectionResult\TotalCountIntegerTotal count of products
MetaCollectionResult\FirstIDIntegerUnique ID of the first item in the list
MetaCollectionResult\LastIDIntegerUnique ID of the last item in the list
CodeStringUnique product code
NameLongProduct name
ProductGroupCodeString (20)Unique product group code
ProductGroupNameString (80)Product group name
ActiveBooleanMarks a product active or inactive
TagTextTags associated with this product (separated with commas)
UnitPriceDecimal (18,4)Product price
EANString (20)International Article Number (Barcode)
NoteString (1000)Additional product note
ImageUrlStringImage URL
MasterProductStringUsed for grouping purposes
Packaging\Codes\ValueStringList of package code values
Packaging\IsSetBooleanNot relevant for export, but during import - if true - the packaging code values will override existing values in the database for the given product